Tripod kits

Do you want to keep it simple? Don't want to choose the tripod and head separately? Here you find our popular tripod/head combinations. We composed these kits based on the most common photographic applications.



Here you find the complete line-up of our tripods. Discover that we have tripods for every photographic application. Pro's, travelers, beginners, experienced amateurs, artists, nature photographers, photo journalists, photo studios, make your choice!



Monopods give you the perfect combination of stability, freedom and speed. In our monopod collection you will certainly find the one that fits your needs. There is choice of different sizes and materials.


Ball Heads

Discover our comprehensive line of ball heads, from small ones for compact system cameras to the professional heads for the heaviest equipment. Most of the heads are equipped with a quick release system with interchangeable camera plates.



Our swingheads offer maximum flexibility combined with the utmost stability for the use of long and heavy telephoto lenses. You can follow your subjects easily, even if they move quickly an unpredictably. Perfect for sports an nature.



Our videoheads are excellent for small and midsize video - and DSLR camera's. Movements are extremely smooth because of the high quality fluid effect. The heads are also suitable for the use of telescopes and long tele lenses.


Accessories / plates

Most ball heads are equipped with interchangeable camera plates for quick attachment of your camera of lens. Here you find the complete collection of available camera plates, rails and other accessories.



Made of high quality material,
Redged bags are especially designed for the active / outdoor / adventure / traveling photographer.
Lightweight, Comfortable and Payable
Available, winter 2014