View and Download the 2014 REDGED Catalog.

We are delighted to release our new Product

Brochure which contains details of our latest


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Meet the Redged Ambassadors.

Redged Ambassors are some of the most talented

visual artists. These gifted, spirited storytellers

go above and beyond and are admired for their

passion, energy and commitment to their craft.

Their investment in, and trust, of the Redged brand

are cornerstones to their image making abilities.

New by Redged; Camera bags!

Redged introduced a new line of products
at the Photokina 2014.
The first products will be available end
Ed Dorrestein:"It's great to have a new line
of Redged products next to our tripods".

About Redged

Dear photographer,

As a professional I know the importance of a good tripod. It is your reliable base for sharp pictures. It gives you technical freedom. It also helps you establish the perfect composition and is essential for shooting series. To give you all that in perfect quality with a very pleasant price tag I developed the Redged tripods. We are Holland based brand with a logical, consistent lineup. Finest materials, best constructions and superior durability. Compact size, low weight, great performance. Redged offers a five year warranty for tripods, heads and accessories.

Enjoy the use of your Redged!

Ed Dorrestein,

Nature photographer,
Founder of Redged